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I’ve just always been thinking and dreaming about working as a volunteer and sharining.
Just thinking.
Oneday, I just realized that it doesn’t work for world and me.
Thinking doesn’t have power.
I have to make my imagine as real.
If the world deosn’t match with me,
If there are many things what I would like to talk.
I need to be a person who starts acting right now, not thinking anymore.
To have a conversation and communication with world and then to return the profit to world.
SEP. 2013 canine design brand ‘havie and revo’ has just launched.

Ravie(havie) the meaning is happy by French
(Revo) the meaning is revolution by English.
Make a better world, a better place

A better person makes
a better society, a better culture and a better world.
We can make a better place with all who breath in the world.
All will be well with love.

All are one.